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M. Arrington said that NO ONE goes to FB anymore…

is that true?  Michael Arrington posted in Uncrunched that FB should offer an app that allows you to unfriend hundreds of LAME-Os who don’t fit your rising personal profile

I must admit that the conversation on the G+ side is MUCH better.  Conversation in Quora is the best.

The “best” conversation is arguably based on the level of intellectual discourse that you seek.  FB conversations tend to be completely superficial because people have already friended co-workers, grandparents, parents and ex-spouses.  So they aren’t terribly honest in that forum and that makes sense.

But FB is approaching 1 billion users — it has become a HUMAN experience.  I don’t think that people are running away from FB…they’re running to it.

At any rate, here’s the link.  Feel free to comment…

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